Monday, February 22, 2010

New Blog

In order to better communicate (we acknowledge we've done a poor job here in the past) with our SLC and Ogden communities, we've created a new blog that will be updated much more often:

Check it out, and join in!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally! Gesh!

Here a couple of pics of actual construction for those of you who wouldnt have believed me without proof!

More soon...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Progress Report

Oh man, we're darn close.

GC bids came back higher then we were hoping, but, such is life. We're having to do some last minute fund-raising, though I'm not concerned. Anybody out there interested?

Brought some more knowledgeable climbers up to the space last weekend to double check some design elements - everyone is still giving us the thumbs up.

Got to work some other details out, but we're pretty focused on a Dec constructions start date, and a March opening (bouldering and group area). Very exciting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ok, so, yes, we've received approval for the building permit. The plans are now out to bid to general contractors - bids due back Oct 16th. As long as the cost fits the budget and is in line with previous estimates, we should be able to begin construction in November, with a dreamy opening date in March. Not exactly the perfect scenario, but, at this point, as long as it gets done is what matters! Thanks for the continued support and interest!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Late Update....

Well, I'm sure that most of you are wondering what the heck is going on with Ogden Front. And, yes, from some of the emails that I have received, I'm sure most of you have lost hope. I dont blame you. I sometimes do too.

First, I can tell you, that the devil is always in the details, and the number of hurdles that we have had to go through were greater than we expected. I'm not one to make excuses on non-delivery, so all I can tell you is that we continue to diligently work on progressing the unseen steps. Much to the dismay of our architect and engineers, we've made lots of changes and tweaks to the design in order to make sure we've got the right one. I can also tell you that the construction plans for the gym have been in the permitting process for now 2 months, which is much longer then the two weeks we had expected. The good news is that we have made all the requested corrections and are simply awaiting confirmation. Obviously, receiving the actual building permit is a huge step, and the result of years of planning and work by many many parties.

So, whats the plan?! What's the schedule?!

I'd love to tell you that we're going to be open in October, but as you can imagine that's impossible. As is November. Probably December too. We're likely to start construction in October, and if we finish this size project in 90 days we'd be rock-stars. Believe me, this schedule is not the one we want. Big projects take time, and lots of money, and lots of committment from those that have it on the line. I know most of you understand that this will not be some hole-in-the-wall gym, that we are not multi-millionaires, and that the Ogden Front represents an enormous capital investment and time commitment to the Ogden climbing community and the Ogden community as a whole. Please continue to be patient and supportive as we work through the process. It'll be worth it. We've always said we need the community behind us for this develop and to succeed, and this continues to be true.

If any of you have questions or have construction resources to offer, please call me on my cell - (801) 209 8542. I'm more than happy to chat.

- Dustin

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Step Forward

Yesterday was a productive day in Ogden for The Front. We met with our neighbors at Amer Sport before meeting with the Ogden Business and Community Development Committee.

The Committee was impressed with our past performance in Salt Lake City and the progress we've made for the Ogden Front. We also had a chance to talk about our thoughts on bringing a Pro Climbing Comp, like the Mammut Bouldering Championships during Summer OR, to Ogden. Mayor Godfrey made it down to watch the 2008 Bouldering Championships Finals at the Shilo Inn and is pretty excited to help bring these types of events to Ogden, especially since we can run them along with the Xterra Events. Ogden City Officials are truly psyched for this gym to be built, and they have approved a $90,000 Business Development Loan to help fund the project.

However, they won't sacrifice loaning us tax payer money if they're not convinced we can pay it back.

One of their requirements is that we show significant community support - Founding Members. A couple weeks ago we sent out an email to all Founding Members with a contract extension link. If you haven't responded to that email please do! We know we have the needed support in Ogden...but we need to prove it! If you didn't receive an email but are a Founder, please email and we'll send you another link. If you did, respond! If you're not a Founder, now is the time!

As a reminder...This WILL be a premier climbing gym. No joke. We'll have close to 10,000 sq.ft. of roped climbing and bouldering. The size of the bouldering area will be about the same size as that at The Front in SLC, plus there will be another 180 linear ft of roped climbing - that's around 30 rope lines, many of which will be close to 40ft long! We will also have cardio and weight equipment, yoga and Pilates classes, available and included in our memberships. We guarantee you'll be impressed with the facility, and that it will be no comparison to anything Ogden has or has had before.

Its been a long journey to get this gym developed. We've weathered one of the arguably biggest financial meltdowns in history. Help us make this gym a reality by renewing your Founding Membership or becoming a new Founding Member.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ogden Bouldering Comp

Jonny Landry
Thanks to Daniel Turner and his crew from the Weber State Wilderness Rec Center for putting on the Ogden Climbing Festival and for showing The Front such great hospitality at the events.

Rachel MacGuffy

Front- SLC Members and Front- Ogden Founding Members got busy at the Bouldering Comp last Saturday, winning and/ or placing high in many of the divisions. Great job, everyone!

Melissa Lipani
Check out the results by going HERE, then clicking on "Score Sheet, Ogden Bouldering Comp"

Photo Credit: Coach Chris